She usually simply leaves the child in order to rendezvous along with her companion and try ergo penalized

She usually simply leaves the child in order to rendezvous along with her companion and try ergo penalized

The Ghanesisk kvinder year is actually 1821. Ignacio rode on the city towards his horse as he did all sunday to drink the local liquor, guaro, and try to appeal breathtaking female for the accompanying him to possess a good passionate find close. Of course, the guy drank too-much and you may stumbled out for the night to help you mount their horse into the small excursion house…to help you their wife and you may children.

She’s got superhuman powers – traveling at higher increase and gravitating over the ground

So it nights are some other regardless if. There is no indication of the brand new moonlight, but the night’s heavens was loaded with brilliantly radiant celebs. Ignacio climbed their pony and you can first started riding out of Cartago, to your outskirts from city in which the guy existed. For each and every journey carry out simply take your beyond the same open pasture and you will the brief pond. So it evening but not, as he contacted nearby the pool, the guy noticed the most beautiful woman he’d actually seen sitting near the water’s line, looking right up from the celebs. She got soft, white skin including a ceramic toy and you may larger, jet-black attention, along with her long undulating hair cascading down their right back.

Even with all of the guaro Ignacio had drunk that night, he could hardly progress up brand new courage so you can strategy the latest lady, but their unique charm try irresistible. She told Ignacio you to definitely she is actually restless one to nights and can even perhaps not sleep and had grown off their bed so you can wander beneath the brand new a-listers until she discover that it asleep spot – a soft material around the pool.

Sensing the possibility, Ignacio asked the brand new woman if the she would supplement him so you’re able to a silent location. Abreast of their particular agreeing, he stretched out their hand to pull their own to your seat about your. While they rode regarding, thrilled regarding presumption to be by yourself using this type of beautiful lady, Ignacio pulled away one or two tobacco out-of their clothing pouch and you will turned into provide you to definitely the stunning maiden operating at the rear of your. A piercing, horrified cry erupted away from Ignacio’s mouth area. The body of the stunning maiden try an identical, however, atop their shoulder sat good hideous horse’s lead which have protruding, bloodshot eyes, stained, reddish white teeth and you can flaring nostrils. Ignacio lept out-of their horse and you can went as quickly as their feet you will definitely carry your – because if the newest Devil themselves had been going after him. Out-of one to time towards, the guy sat inside the home once the still just like the a granite statue to own months rather than ingested, neither tempted the fresh advantage out-of a maiden again!

That it myth is considered to own happened for the Cartago, the eldest Language colonial city while the earliest financial support away from Costa Rica, where truth be told there lived an attractive Cartaginese off blended Language and you may indigenous origin. She got white skin, jet black eyes and you can enough time flaccid hair. A good curse decrease abreast of their own. Flipping their particular towards “La Cegua” – doomed so you’re able to roam getting eternity when you look at the an effective hideous mode, breaking down her revenge up on straying men from the avenue and you may ways in the city.

This Costa Rican legend regarding La Cegua are demonstrably designed to deter incorrect conclusion from guys just who could be inclined to take in an excessive amount of and you will womanize, and you will remind all of them alternatively to keep loyal on their wives and you may household. Addititionally there is a training for women as well – to hold on to its virtue or perhaps cursed with the exact same fate as the maiden.

She fell deeply in love with a Language administrator in order to exactly who she lost her virtue if in case he remaining their own, she ran nuts regarding a broken cardiovascular system

The new myth from Los angeles Cegua known as Los angeles Segua otherwise La Siguenaba throughout the Mexico or any other Main Western nations which have limited differences. La Segua try cursed shortly after an event into the young man away from the new jesus, Tlaluc, with which she had an infant boy.

For the Nicaragua, the facts transforms the brand new maiden on a great witch, exactly who stays in the brand new woods, putting on an excellent corn leaf top having much time, black locks covering their unique face and you can plantain actually leaves covering their particular pearly whites, and come up with their unique voice raspy. She tortures their unique sufferers by the unleashing for example awful terminology one to their subjects go immediately insane. The only way to stay away from the fresh destiny is to carry mustard vegetables – and this she’s going to avoid to pick up – giving the unpleasant guy a chance to flee back again to the fresh new cover out of his spouse and nearest and dearest.

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