It’s best that you getting agreeable, it is it normal to own Kurosawa while making all the compromises within matchmaking?

It’s best that you getting agreeable, it is it normal to own Kurosawa while making all the compromises within matchmaking?

Kurosawa’s flaws

Kurosawa’s biggest drawback would be the fact he is able to getting too much of an united states pleaser. The guy requires the validation to feel reassured regarding the himself. Earlier, i discussed how Adachi features a robust self-identity and does not changes his character only to fit in with one subculture. However, Kurosawa is more flexible and you may basics his ideas on the other members of his lives. He cares about what they think from your. Otherwise, the guy wouldn’t is so difficult in order to maintain so it primary persona into the front side of them.

Kurosawa face masks his insecurities underneath an optimistic persona, so you may perhaps not choose their profile flaw instantly. However, this codependency can often be obvious through the their connections having Adachi traЕѕeД‡i Еѕenu Kostarikanski, because Kurosawa looks as well desperate to complement him. Kurosawa constantly dotes with the Adachi, sets their boyfriend’s goals very first, and not demands your into things.

Needless to say, the capability to remember anyone else in advance of on your own is including a confident feature. His eagerness making anyone else pleased is inspired by a good set. It is exactly why are Kurosawa including an endearing profile, since the they are careful, supportive, and you can sensitive to Adachi’s means. Since it works out, their identification flaw can be as much of a character strength!

Kurosawa’s appearance

Here it’s, the fresh point where i become familiar with Kurosawa’s charm within the an academic way. ?? Sure, but if its not blatantly noticeable, Kurosawa is actually a lovely guy. Going outside the focus on-of-the-factory handsomeness, he’s the type of good looking that include of several extraordinary privileges in daily life. All those Valentine’s day chocolates, brand new limitless like confessions, therefore the gaggle from workplace groupies are just some of the benefits.

The truth is, you will find some downsides so you’re able to becoming too-good lookin. It gets Kurosawa’s determining element, overshadowing all his hard work and you may accomplishments. Some one move to him not due to their prospective, nevertheless they contemplate him as the a superficial pretty-face. Tough, some think that Kurosawa’s achievements try associated with their appears, just in case his achievement had not been obtained as a consequence of real merit.

These types of misconceptions push Kurosawa working more difficult so you’re able to confirm themselves. They annoys your to-be only reduced to help you their bodily attractiveness, because if he has not any other better substance. Kurosawa cannot voice such frustrations no matter if, to own the guy understands that worrying on his beauty often foster bitterness up against your. He keeps his attitude so you can themselves and you can pretends in order to comprehend every the interest. However, deep down, the guy will not including becoming evaluated from the his seems.

As to the reasons Kurosawa wants Adachi

Inside the Event eight, the brand new series changes to help you Kurosawa’s attitude. We come across a comprehensive flashback you to identifies how Kurosawa very first decrease in love with Adachi. They been at the a friends mode that each other direct emails went to. The consumer produced a great predatory pass in the Kurosawa, just who declined the fresh new enhances somewhat aggressively. Their employers was disturb and you will chastised your if you are nothing so much more than just vision candy, a stereotype you to definitely Kurosawa got worked so very hard to show incorrect.

During the his low minute, the fresh greatly inebriated Kurosawa is followed by Adachi in between of your own nights. Adachi offered comfortable consoling terms and conditions and come up with their coworker feel a lot better, praising their performs principles and you can attention to outline. Upcoming, Adachi said that the guy appreciated enjoying it some other top so you’re able to Kurosawa, who has got more vulnerable, a lot less refined, much less than perfect.

Adachi did not say extreme, but his words resonated that have Kurosawa profoundly. All of the his lifestyle, Kurosawa only actually ever had identification to be handsome, well-known, and you may successful. But really, here is someone who nonetheless liked your along with their defects on the display screen. If you’re Kurosawa sensed insecure over his problems, Adachi informed him it had been okay to not become best the committed. That you don’t have is an informed, because the In my opinion you may be adequate regardless of if you might be at your poor.

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