Kim Seon Ho: (directs long content delivered of the Choi Younger Ah) A: How will you become?

Kim Seon Ho: (directs long content delivered of the Choi Younger Ah) A: How will you become?

Kim Seon Ho: I enjoy their and additionally..although result is apparent Kim Seon Ho: I think she will sit again A great: There can be an increased risk of you to definitely going on A beneficial: Do you really find another together with her? . tough. A: Regarding my views, I do believe [her steps] would be continuously repeated Kim Seon Ho: My head hurts…. Kim Seon Ho: I’m able to view it when examining they away from some other angle, however, from within, they feels as though I am within the water Kim Seon Ho: It is difficult, such as for example I could nearly notice it however, can’t. A: You understand but they are however shedding because of it.

Kim Seon Ho as well as received suggestions away from B, a theatre actor who is close friends with both Kim Seon Ho and you will Choi Younger Ah. B believed to Kim Seon Ho, “She states she would not do it again. You ought to believe it if the the woman is apologizing by doing this.” Kim Seon Ho then made a decision to forgive their.

Kim Seon Ho: Really don’t find it but really Kim Seon Ho: She published the message in such a sad way sound Good: What exactly is hurtful would be the fact folks seems to get it done really but matchmaking, love, as well as wedding are

Into the July 24, Choi More youthful Ah found out that she is actually pregnant. She named Kim Seon Ho if you find yourself sobbing and now have sent your a book.

B informed me, “In the beginning, he congratulated their own saying it’s a good thing. In my opinion he was really frightened even if. The guy extremely think much regarding it. Unfortunately, the 2 provided to help [the child] go. And he very carefully requested things regarding myself.”

B shared, “Each other had entirely distended attention after they showed up off. This decision must not was indeed simple to generate. Whenever i went along to a healthcare facility along with her, the guy went along to pick food to possess seaweed soup. He could be an individual who can’t cook whatsoever…”

Kim Seon Ho ready their own seaweed soups for a fortnight. To the “two days & 1 Night-season cuatro,” he mentioned, “I’m sure tips plan seaweed soups since I ready they recently.”

Choi Young Ah authored in her modern post, “Kim Seon Ho’s feelings altered completely following the abortion.” She said that he “made a believable pledge about relationship and you will opening [her] to his mothers of the pretending and you will lying.”

Really don’t imagine she’ll fix so it A: It is not a drama instance “The industry of the newest Married” otherwise “Like and you can War”

Predicated on Choi More youthful Ah’s friend C, she fulfilled Kim Seon Ho’s mothers following abortion, consumed together with them, plus slept in the its lay.

C revealed, “More youthful Ah resided next to Seon Ho’s moms and dads after. Seon Ho did to construct believe with her. The guy plus adopted good Shiba Inu called Ho Ah to have her therefore she wouldn’t be lonely when alone.”

Within her original blog post, Choi Younger Ah along with published, “Once the he stayed his youthfulness from inside the impoverishment, he has got a great addiction to money. The guy merely sent me personally 2 billion claimed (as much as $step 1,717) for the functions and you can healthcare charges.”

Choi Younger Ah’s associate D told you about any of it, “Her indulgent spending try problematic for Kim Seon Ho. To have Christmas time, she got an excellent seven billion acquired designer handbag (whenever $six,008). She bought it together with her private credit and obtained a money import from Kim Seon Ho. [Friends] know about it because she boasted about any of it.”

D added, “We have never seen Choi Younger sexiga Singaporean kvinnor Ah shell out. Constantly Kim Seon Ho paid back. She says Kim Seon Ho loves creator names? Acquaintances most of the discover who is the person who truly obsesses more than creator brands.”

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