Malik narrated this hadith into the authority of the identical chain out-of trans- witters one ‘Ali b

Malik narrated this hadith into the authority of the identical chain out-of trans- witters one ‘Ali b

‘Ali b. AbiTalib reported that Allah’s Live messenger (may tranquility end up being on your) banned at the time of Khaibar the newest employing away from temporary matrimony having women and also the dining of the flesh regarding residential asses.

Abil Talib said to a guy: You are a guy provided astray; Allah’s Live messenger (get comfort getting through to him) forbade united states (to complete Mut’a), as it is made in the hadith carried on expert of Yahya b. Malik.

Muhammad b. ‘Ali narrated toward power off their dad ‘Ali one Allah’s Apostle (could possibly get tranquility feel on him) at the time from Khaibar prohibited permanently the fresh employing from brief relationships and you can dinner of the tissue of your residential asses.

Abu Huraira (Allah be happy with him) reported Allah’s Apostle (will get peace getting through to him) while the saying: Men cannot create proposal off marriage so you can a woman when their sister did very currently

‘Ali (Allah be happy with your) read one to Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him or her) offered some recreation concerning the the latest hiring off short term matrimony, whereupon the guy said: Do not be hasty (on your own spiritual decision), Ibn ‘Abbas, for Allah’s Messenger (will get comfort become abreast of your) on the day regarding Khaibar prohibited permanently the fresh doing of it-And dining of your own flesh regarding residential asses.

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‘Ali (Allah appreciate your) thought to Ibn ‘Abbas (Allah be pleased with her or him) one to Allah’s Messenger (could possibly get comfort be on your) at the time away from Khaibar forbade forever the brand new hiring off short term marriage as well as the food of the flesh away from domestic asses.

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with your) reported Allah’s Messenger (will get peace upon your) that have said that it: You ought to not merge a woman and her dad’s aunt, neither a lady and her mom’s sister in-marriage.

Abu Huraira (Allah appreciate him) reported that Allah’s Messenger (get peace be on him) forbade consolidating regarding five ladies in marriage: a female with her tather’s aunt, and you will a female together mother’s sibling.

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with your) stated that Allah’s Live messenger (can get tranquility end up being on your) forbade a person to combine in marriage good womanarid their particular father’s sibling, and a lady and her mom’s cousin.Ibn Shihab told you: So we considered the fresh paternal sis from her (wife’s) father together with maternal sis from their own (wife’s) dad in one level.

Abu Huraira (Allah appreciate him) reported: I heard Allah’s Live messenger (get serenity feel on him) say: Dad’s sis shouldn’t be in conjunction with their own brother’s child, nor the fresh child from a sis along with her mom’s aunt

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with your) advertised Allah’s Live messenger (get serenity getting abreast of your) once the stating: You should maybe not merge in-marriage a lady together dad’s cousin, or their unique mom’s sis.

A great hadith similar to this has been narrated toward authority of Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with your) thanks to other strings out-of transmitters.

And then he must not render a cost to have something for and therefore his aunt had currently provided an amount; and you can a female must not be joint in-marriage with her father’s sibling, neither along with her mom’s brother, and you will a lady should not ask to own their unique brother divorced so you can rob her from exactly what belongs to her,however, she need certainly to marry, because she’ll have exactly what Allah have decreed for her.

Abu Huraira (Allah appreciate your) stated that Allah’s Live messenger (will get comfort end up being through to him) forbade the fresh consolidating of a female in marriage together with her dad’s aunt, or along with her mother’s brother, otherwise one a female is always to require divorce or separation for her sis in order to rob their unique from what belongs to her.Allah, the new Exalted’and Regal, was their Sustainer as well.

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